What’s in a year?

What’s in a year

A day, a name

How can we measure it

For loss or gain

The tide will always turn

The moon will wax and wane

Yet we are changed

Changed utterly

Can never be the same

We may see it differently

With 20/20 vision

The irony of social distancing

The blur of hidden faces

A strange equality

With time elastic as a fairy tale

Without an ending

We took to Zoom

A new reality

We worked from home

Made bread and babies

Walked the dog

And noticed nature

Wild epiphany!

Long days turning into longer nights

The seasons came and went

But where did WE go

When only going nowhere was allowed

Maybe we saved some money

But we were spent

Drained by a great unknowing

So here we are at the end of the day

Waiting for the next cliché

Words in a revolving door

Could turn EVOLVE into LOVE


By Lindsay Rebbeck. Her winning poem in recent Wagtails competition on the theme “What’s in a year?”

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