Centurion Way – Community Application to WSCC Highays


Could you please send an email in support to Ian Sumnall in support of our community application, please?

Tarmac the over-bridge

Community Application to WSCC Highways Scheme for vital safety works on Centurion Way

Campaign leader: Ian Sumnal – Chichester and District Cycle Forum (CDCF)

Location:  The crossing of Centurion Way with the pathway to the Country Park, at the old railway bridge near Bishop Luffa Close,  Chichester, West Sussex.

The Problem:  The Centurion Way tarmac pathway leaves the heritage rail route and descends steeply onto, and crosses the increasingly busy pathway linking Parklands with the new Platinum Jubilee Country Park and West of Chichester Development.  This is a blind crossing for those using either pathway because the bridge brickwork obscures visibility.

Furthermore, some disabled users of Centurion Way cannot negotiate the steep inclines, nor go safely over the bridge in its current poor state.

The owner with responsibility here is West Sussex County Council Highways.

History: Many collisions involving cyclists, pedestrians and other pathway users.  Perhaps the most serious (involving hospitalisation with life-changing injuries) was in 2016, following which an intensive but unsuccessful campaign was launched to tarmac the over-bridge. 

That ongoing campaign involved obtaining quotes from contractors working close by and also from WSCC Approved Contractors: £12,000 at that time.

Daily conflict and near misses with unacceptable public risk. An obstruction for vulnerable users.  The crossing point of two already very busy active travel routes will become busier as the local population increases and we all become ever more aware of our needs for active travel to counter the crises of climate chaos, biodiversity collapse and public health.

What is needed for WSCC to adopt our Community Highways Scheme Application?

Answer:  A thousand or more local Names and Addresses in support. It is understood WSCC need verification (by providing your address) that signatories are real people from the local area or who use Centurion Way or the new Platinum Country Park, and beyond.

Also: We need your experiences of collisions and near misses and observations at this black spot, please? The more the better.

Register and explain your support to Ian Sumnall … email: isumnall@aol.com

Subject “CHS” (Community Highways Scheme)

Your Personal information will only be used in support of this Application to WSCC following which it will be deleted.   Protecting your privacy and complying with the UK GDPR 


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2 thoughts on “Centurion Way – Community Application to WSCC Highays”

  1. Today, 21st July, 2022 Chichester City Council enthusiastically decided to submit the Centurion Way Community Application – Highways Scheme to WSCC. Ian Sumnall will continue to collate the community responses and then pass to Cllr Julian Joy (West of Chichester Division).
    This has to be all done and dusted by 28th July.
    Please email isumnall@aol.com with your support for this scheme.

  2. I support Ian Sumnall’ & Centurion Community Application – Highways scheme to the WSCC to improve this dangerous site.

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