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Jessie Younghusband Primary School Green Day

On 13 February, JYS primary school put on its very first ‘Green Day’. It was a ‘non-uniform’ day, but instead of dressing up in their finest, pupils and staff were invited to come to school in an item of clothing that was second-hand, pre-loved, passed-down, repaired or that had travelled the fewest ‘clothes miles’ from the place of manufacture to wearing.

During the day, each class took part in activities to promote looking after our planet. Year R looked at recycling. Year 1 did a carousel of activities inspired by the Michael Foreman book ‘Hello Mr World’, including looking at how they’d travelled to school, planting in the school grounds, and weighing pens collected for recycling. Year 2 read Emily Gravett’s book ‘Tidy’, and looked at woodlands and the importance of ‘mess’ for wildlife habitats.

Year 3 examined the water footprints of various items and services, whilst Year 4 looked at carbon footprints, discovering that our carbon and water footprints extend well beyond the UK and even Europe. Years 5 and 6 had workshops on the impact of fast fashion, by Carrie Cort of Sussex Green Living. At the end of the day, pupils shared what they’d learned in an extended assembly.

The day was very popular, and we hope to do it all again soon. If you are a teacher and would like to discuss, or to share our resources for free, please email through

Chichester College Environment Sustainability Group

Over the past year departments have been working hard to improve our sustainability.
Here are a few examples of how we are achieving this:

  • The Estates Team have changed our energy providers, resulting in Crawley and Chichester campuses using 100% renewable energy!
  • Your search engine has been changed to ‘Ecosia’ from Google, which means one tree is planted for every 50 searches.
  • Our waste contract has switched to Veolia who offer a more extensive recycling programme.
  • Aramark have updated their food packing and switched tocompostable cutlery and packaging.
  • Costa are selling re-usuable cups and offers discounted drinks if you bring this (or your own) cup to the counter.

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Youth Protest meeting with Councillor Louise Goldsmith 24.5.19

Children from Ditcham Park School, Bishop Luffa School, Funtington School, Chichester Free School and Chichester High School met with Councillor Louise Goldsmith to discuss their concerns about the environment.

Jeremy Hunt challenged by primary school children on climate change

Chichester Observer article here

The article is a bit disjointed, but the JYS children had challenging climate related questions for him. We are planning to follow up on some of his answers too.

Lavant CE Primary School Fair Trade stall

The first Saturday of every month children from the school run a Fair Trade stall with items for sale and information about reducing waste

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