West Sussex County Council

Are you interested in having your say about West Sussex County issues? Go to their home page for information about meetings, how to have your say and find out who your councillor is.

For meeting agendas follow the link

West Sussex County Councillors click on the link to find your local councillor

Chichester District Council

Do you want to get more involved in decisions affecting your local area? Follow the link to CDC home page for information about the councils meetings, the decisions to be made and forward plans. Find out who your local Chichester District councillors is by following the link on the home page

Find out which meetings are coming up and what’s on the agenda follow the link

To ask a question at a CDC council meeting please use the attached form

Chichester District Council wants to hear your views. Follow the link to find out what surveys are currently being run.

Air pollution in Chichester get up to date reports. Chichester District Council publish daily reports about air quality.

Parish Councils

Have you say about local village or town issues. Find out who your local parish councillor is by following the link.

Find out which meetings are coming up at Chichester City Council and their agendas follow the link

How will the local councils plan for a Climate emergency?

Here are some suggestions:

ZeroCarbon Harrogate

Parish and District Councils: Changes required to become carbon neutral by 2030

Rising to the climate crisis: A guide for local authorities on planning for climate change

Ideas for Councils to put pressure on Government

Info on Councils declaring a climate emergency

Changes required to become a Carbon Neutral Council

33 actions local authorities can take to deliver carbon pollution reductions

South East Climate Alliance newsletter August 2019 is full of information about how to support your local council after it has declared a Climate Emergency. Click on the newsletter link for more information

The BLUE campaign and Plantlife have collaborated to create a letter to send to councillors about rewilding verges. Find it here.

Write to Them – find out who your local politician is by following the link

Tree Preservation: if you have any concerns that trees or hedges are being cut down inappropriately then contact Chichester District Council to find out about Tree Preservation Orders

Meeting with Chichester District Council Environment Protection Manager 15.7.19. 

Click on the link below for further details

Meeting with Chichester District Council Environment Protection Manager 15






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