Eco Meet-up for 8th April, 2019 at Crispins

Email to Eco Meet-up for 8th April, 2019 at Crispins


Our Next Meeting:

Monday 8th April, 2019  at 09.30 a.m.

  at Crispins, East Street, Chichester PO19 1HX

This Week in The Conservatory at Crispins

(Better when the seats are around the outer edge of the room?)


Crispins, 46 East Street

  • Chichester PO19 1HX

  • Get Directions

  • Phone number 01243 533544

  • Send to your Phone

This week I am eternally grateful to Rachel Ritchie for sending me these Notes (slight edits as updates arrive):

Philip won’t be at the Meeting on 8th April – sorry.

Sarah mentioned that the Annual Parish Meeting for Chichester was very badly attended, with only 3 electors (who were not also Councillors) attending. Some useful questions were asked, but more attendees would make it be taken more seriously. It seems that the meeting does not have useful outcomes, which may be why people don’t bother going, BUT it is also poorly advertised.

Rosie Montford initiated a discussion about the market stall this Wednesday, which is to be situated outside M&S on North Street. All slots are now covered, though obviously all are welcome.

There will be an information board available from Transition Chichester (Mark, Richard and Debbie).

Table provided for letter writing.

Tom to provide list of Councillors and templates for letters. Val to supply coloured paper.

Press release to go out, perhaps via Kate. Sarah to write it.

Herb tea offered by Steve Taylor, to promote sustainable connections.

Cups (Sarah) and cafetieres (Sarah and Debbie)

Compost caddy (Rosie)

Steve to try to use his contacts to get hot water from a local cafe in the long term. For now, Debbie to obtain use of community garden kitchen for hot water and washing up.

Donation box: Debbie to check with Julia.

Leaflets to be supplied by interested organisations

There may be a rolling blackboard for use for creative stuff.

email list to be gathered at the stall for those who would like to keep in touch.

Recycling bins to be brought, too.

Kate McNicol also initiated an email thread,  organising for the Stall and fantastic Press Releases – Thank you: Kate, Sarah Sharp, Richard Oliver, Paula Chatfield, Sue Gilson, Lucy Noble, Rachel Austin, Liz McCallum, Debbie Carter, Valerie Briginshaw, Mark Hobson, Rosie Montford, Jenny Cole and Lynne Friel.

Sorry if anyone left off?  It’s much easier when everyone involved with the Stall is happy to share email addresses!   Volunteers wanted for OUR Next Wednesday Stall on Wednesday 1st May, please?  

NB. The day before the Local Elections and so Sarah, Valerie and some others will be busy elsewhere.  Organising, collecting and returning all the Stall paraphernelia is vital too.

Steve Taylor, the herbalist, noted that the herbal world has become so big that it is increasingly hard to communicate outside your own bubble – bring back noticeboards! Mark suggested an email list to be gathered at the stall for those who would like to keep in touch.

Valerie asked whether there was a local organisation that would accept used jars: Tuppenny Barn. Richard volunteered to take them there.

Tom reminded all about the Climate Emergency demonstration on Friday of this week, meeting at the Cross at 9.45. Please contact your councillor (ideally by phone) before the meeting to ask for their support for the motion. The WSCC website has a list of councillors’ addresses and phone numbers.

Sarah has asked Democratic Services at WSCC for time for speakers, one expert, one young, to speak at the debate. Otherwise the public must just watch.

The Climate Change motion is the first on the agenda after standing business.

Philip reminded people about the new website :   [Looking Good!]

Colin Hunwick has offered to invite us to a Meeting (along with many others) to talk about the Chichester College vision and future actions …… probably early June.  This looks exciting.

Sarah said that Rumboldswhyke School has signed up to the Car Free Day competition. Rachel and Jenny also may help promote within their schools.

A number of shops on South Street have agreed to be involved. Next step is to produce a vision of what the street might look like, to take back to them for their more detailed sign-up. We need an artistic person to produce a large scale map so that we can play around with what happens where.

Community planning: Debbie and Mary have been planting primroses and foxgloves in Oaklands Park – a community planting event would be an idea for holidays. Date to be organised and added to website calendar.

The next eco meet up [8th April] will be followed by a litter pick around Chichester – Rachel to add to calendar.

Mark suggested an event where the group could reconnect with nature and others, perhaps involving a walk, picnic, meditation? The wildlife corridors would be a good venue, if they are near public footpaths. In the meantime, the first walk will be on Easter Monday [22nd April] from 10am, starting at the south end of Centurion Way: bring a snack/ brunch/ lunch to share and perhaps some wise words to share too.  We can go as far as we are comfortable going: Brandyhole Copse or the amphitheatre are both suitable for picnics, and groups can continue to West Dean if desired! Weather may have an impact on this, but we can walk together at the least. Rachel to add to calendar.

‘Home is a place where people notice if you’re not there’.

There’s a duck race in Lavant from 2pm which we could support on our way back.

Saturday 13th April:  Easter Egg and Bunnies on Centurion Way 2-4 p.m. – Please bring your little ones.

Adults, please get your tickets for the Centurion Way Quiz on Tuesday 14th May at 7:30 – Philip Maber –

Saturday 13th April:  I think Sarah mentioned Oxford Circus ??

Sunday 14th April: Beach Clean and fun activities with Victoria Hulett.

Monday 15th April:  Rachel Austin and others are organising a significant and artistic Event on the Streets of Chichester – after EcoChi Meet-up.    Marking the start of a major week of International Events, especially in London.








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