EcoChi Meet-up for Monday 8th July, 2019

Email to EcoChi Meet-up for Monday 8th July, 2019 

Meeting at Crispins at 09:30 a.m.

Crispins, 46 East Street, Chichester PO19 1HX

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Phone number 01243 533544

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George Hibberd: Meeting with MP Gillian Keegan

Just a quick update on the meeting with Gillian Keegan.

The date has been changed to Monday 29th July as there has been a very large interest in the meeting. A new larger venue is being investigated. 

Gillian’s PA has been in touch and what I wasn’t aware of was that she meant a group of 10 people not organised by me. She was going to get 10 people who wanted to speak to her together for the meeting herself. If there were any leftover spaces I could then ask members of EcoChi to come along. I thought she meant I could invite 10 people of my own, but this is not the case. 

Chichester District Council Climate Emergency

There is a proposal about climate change going to Chichester District Council cabinet next week. You can read about it here:

The report is only a few pages long.

You can ask a question about it at the meeting which is on Tuesday 9th July at 9.30 am, 

You do have to send in your question in advance to

If you have a Question submitted, perhaps it could be aired at our Monday Meet-up? 

Remembering that CDC is now “Hung” (Politically – no overall majority). It is likely a CDC Councillor will be willing to ask the Question on your behalf.  

Chichester City Council unanimously passed the Climate Emergency Motion on 19th June ……. We need CDC to join.

From Valerie Briginshaw:  FairTrade Chichester

Chichester won status as a Fairtrade City in 2006 due largely to the determinatoion of Liz Campling and others, but now only Liz is left of the original Chichester Fairtrade group and she is looking to pass on the responsibility of coordinating to others. Is this something you would be interested in doing with others?

Fairtrade plays a very important role in attacking world poverty and it would be a shame for our city to lose that status due to inactivity, we feel. There is after all a Fairtrade weathervane on the Cathedral which gained the city some national recognition, and a while back the Libdem City Council passed a resolution backing Fairtrade Chichester (FTC), there was a FTC rep on the council,and to the present day the tea, coffee etc used at the Council House are Fairtrade.

Last year the Fairtrade Foundation put the renewal of Chichester's status as a Fairtrade City on hold whilst they were assured that there was a representative on the Council and that uptodate information was available for local people. To this end the list of shops & cafes doing Fairtrade in Chichester on the website was updated, the FTC council rep who'd lost their seat was replaced and the Council renewed its pledge to Fairtrade.

FTC has existed under the Transition Chichester umbrella where its website is maintained and it has run a Fairtrade Café at Transition events which Liz is  willing to continue to assist with as long as possible. She has also done occasional presentations at local primary schools.

Liz is now asking if we could continue the Fairtrade movement in Chichester under the aegis of the Green Party, as clearly environmental sustainability and fairtrade go hand in hand. There is not so much to do. The minimum would be:

A representative on the Council – one of the newly elected  green councillors has volunteered to take on this role 

Keeping the website information up to date – our website manager, Tom Broughton,  has agreed to contiinue this.

Occasional  Fairtrade stands like the Café at Transition Chichester events – possibly 3 or 4 a year..

An event to mark Fairtrade Fortnight every year in February/March.This could be a FT coffee morning or cheese and wine at someone's home for their neighbours.

So if you are interested can you please respond to this email (I will pass onto Valerie) – we hope to get a small group together to continue the good work Liz has been doing over the past decade or so, and Liz herself has said she is more than willing to give all the assistance she can to get things moving.

Looking forward to hearing from those interested,




10:00 am – 11:00 am, July 6, 2019Bognor Ecoswap Community Hub Grand Opening


Carrie Cort: Horsham Share, Care and Repair Fair this Saturday 6th July

Hi Sussex Green Living and Horsham Repair Cafe volunteers and supporters, 

A little reminder that it is our Share, Care and Repair Fair this Saturday in the Amphitheatre, Carfax as part of the Horsham Market and the Horsham District Year of Culture. The amphitheatre is next to the Cook Shop and Paninos, we will be open from 9am until 5pm.  Thanks to those of you who have agreed to come and help. Please do pop along and look around even if you are not helping and encourage others to do so. 

Councillor Kate Rowbottom the HDC chairperson, Jeremy Quin MP and Dianne Dodsworth Community Liaison & Environmental Compliance Officer West Sussex MBT Biffa (sponsor for the Ocean Art projects) will be opening the Share, Care and Repair Fair at 9am. 

There will be an opening speech by Kate and Jeremy, cutting of a special ribbon, followed by a tour of the fair to meet our lovely Sussex Green Living/Horsham Repair Cafe volunteers and the other eco stalls and entertainment include:  

  • Earthkind ‘plastic free pantry’ offering dry, loose and organic food. Found at the HRC every month and the Thursday Horsham Market.

  • Wikaniko – selling eco-friendly products

  • Fairtrade Horsham

  • Tropic World

  • Zero

  • Marine Conservation Society

  • WSCC Waste Prevention Team sharing recycling best practice – plus games!

  • Free giveaways from Green People West Sussex who supply natural and organic beauty products.

  • Magog Morris dancing.

After tour Share, Care and Repair Fair tour, I will take Kate, Jeremy and Dianne on a short tour around the Community Eco Ocean Art trail in the Carfax. We have #OceanBombed 19 locations with community eco ocean art, some locations have more than one piece of art. The age range for the environmental artist is about 7 – 80+ and include people who are socially isolated and clients from the Butterfly Project with special needs. Our Pam Tedder has been working extremely hard with lots of people from about six WI groups in Horsham plus friends and will have a wonderful eco ocean art / yarn bomb surprise in the Carfax for everyone on Saturday! 

Most of the ocean art installations are remaining in place for the month of July and then select pieces are going to be installed at the WSCC waste facilities in Ford and or Warnham. This project has been a brilliant way to promote the Horsham Repair Cafe and Sussex Green Living and has included pop-up activities at community events, children's groups and schools.  

More information can be seen here and

Should you need to call one of us on Saturday our numbers are:

Mine – 07768 212833

Jill – 07780 701184

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.    

Cheers Carrie and Jill 

I declare that I am in receipt of personal data that will be held and managed only in relation to the HRC and SGL projects.  The data is limited to essential contact details and reference information. It is securely held on my private home computer/laptop and will not be shared for any commercial reasons.

Tel: 07768 212833

Skype: bccort 

Tom Broughton: A quick reminder that XR Chichester are having another picnic on Sunday July 7th  from around 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in Priory Park:

Scroll down for NVDA Training on 20th July – big ticket demand, limited numbers!

Sunday 14th July:  Friends of Centurion Way Chichester Festival Event 2 till 4 p.m. based on the Path near the “Tesco” Cycle Bridge.  

Monday 15th July: 09:30 a.m. at Crispins: EcoChi welcomes Simon Ballard, CDC Environmental Protection Manager, and Cyclist.

Tuesday 16th July: Friends of Centurion Way  8:00 p.m. at The Rainbow Inn, St Pauls Road, Chichester. So much going on – West of Chichester Infrastructure Steering Group (ISG),  Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Chemroute Feasibility Study.   Friends of Centurion Way are determined for outstandingly good infrastructure for Westgate because that is vital for the future of, not only Centurion Way, but the whole local network and 6000+ new residents coming to Whitehouse Farm and other new Developments to the West of Chichester.  Need active, sustainable transport options! (Chichester Plan is currently for 7,000 new houses).

Anthony Tuffin: Make Votes Count in West Sussex (MVCIWS) in Chichester 

Saturday 20th July 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

This is a Non-Party Political Campaign to mend our broken Voting System through Proportional Representation, and important now more than ever.

Anthony has been promoting this Cause for many years, including through organising Delegations to meet all our Local MPs, and Stalls to distribute information – as in Burgess Hill on 6th July.

Really need a few more Chichester volunteers (he has 6 as of 28th June) who don’t require any in-depth knowledge about P.R. as it’s mainly giving out leaflets.

A new MVCIWS Website is being created by Mark Record

Saturday 20th July 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. NVDA Training

Tom Broughton: There are a lot of people who 

expressed an interest in the NVDA training and didn't do the amazing 

training on Sunday June 30.

Another training session has been organised for Saturday July 20, 12 – 

5pm at the Jubilee Hall. Apologies to those who we told it would be July 

21, but that wasn't possible.

We're offering you this training first before we put it out to everyone, 

and we're using Eventbrite again to manage attendees, so if you'd like 

to come to this training, please register:

Please register by midnight Friday if you'd like to come to this training.

Also, a quick reminder that we're having another picnic on Sunday July 7 

at Priory Park:

Monday 22nd July: 7:30 p.m. Car Free Chichester Meeting at The Priory Tavern, by Priory Park.  Mark Record has organised the Playing Out Application to CDC (support from Chichester Cathedral), Letters to all South Street Residents, and so much more.

Please visit      22nd September must be on all Calendars

Monday 5th August: (Paula Chatfield) Limited numbers, EcoChi visit to Ford   


My apologies for not even touching on most of the good things going on in and around Chichester on the EcoChi front.

Check this out too:


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