Arundel Bypass – consultation ending 24th October

The consultation by Highways England ends in a few days. Please have your say: wildlife and ancient woodland are affected by all the options, as well as long-established communities. Click here for the consultation.

There are several websites setting out objections to the schemes on offer,  which have a number of important points that you might want to make. Look here  and here for the alternative preferred. This website helps you to complete the consultation in the best way to support the much less damaging Arundel Alternative (Scroll to the bottom of the homepage for links)

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1 thought on “Arundel Bypass – consultation ending 24th October”

  1. 1) The building of a new road will become obsolete in in no time having observed what happened around Guildford with the building of the M25 “and faster roads create more traffic.
    2) The construction of the road will be an assault on the the heritage that we have received from our forebears and will be robbing our children and grandchildren of their future.
    3)West Sussex county council has declared a climate emergency and 99% of scientists confirm that we need to reduce carbon emissions drastically to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown with its ensuing impacts on on sea levels and social cohesion.
    4) The funds that would be needed to build this road could transform public transport in West Sussex and with more cycle paths. Public transport could be free and people using their cars would play a congestion charge if they used the the A27 at particular times particularly if there was one person in the car?
    5) There are new innovative ways of of making use of of our present resources of roads and railways to not only improve transport within the county but build community and a sustainable future together.
    6) There will have to be a transformation of how we use our motor vehicles and this capital expenditure takes no account of this.
    7) Encouraging people through the financial benefits to create social networks supporting shared car used is essential which is all part of the process to to developing neighbourliness and community in a time I’m where the loneliness is a scourge in our society.

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