XR Newspaper – help needed

From September, XR nationally will be publishing a twice-monthly newspaper, into which XR Chi will be inserting our own newsletter. We need a distribution list: a list of shops/cafes/ pubs etc which will be willing to ‘stock’ the free newspaper. Could you please email us with the names and addresses of venues that you have checked are happy to do this? We’ll keep a central register and organise distribution, but we need willing ‘hosts’. We’d also like contacts outside Chichester who can take on distribution for their own area – Midhurst, Bognor, Witterings, Selsey and so on. Please contact xrchichester@gmail.com to help.

If you might be able to help with pickup of the national newspapers from a hub, probably Guildford, we’d love that too, especially if you are in that area anyway.

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