Nicola Peel at the Horsham Climate Cafe

Horsham Climate cafe have gone online, and are hosting some very interesting sessions relevant way beyond Horsham. See the website for details of how to access the sessions via Zoom. So far, they are at 2pm on Saturdays.

Saturday 9th May – The health and economic value of preserving the natural world, Nicola Peel (all the way from Ecuador’s Cloud Rainforest!)

We will bring you a special message from Nicola Peel, who is currently in a cloud forest full of yet to be discovered plant and animals. Plants which will provide cures to diseases, trees which give us oxygen to breath, things we take for granted. The debate, do we use such plant for gold and copper mining to make new phones, or for medicine and oxygen?

Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria will give an informal talk about the deep connection indigenous people have to nature, their stewardship of the land and water and how they are adapting to climate change. 

Saturday 16th May – Recruiting schools for FREE solar and cheaper electricity!

We will be building on our brilliant conversation started on our 11th April session around recruiting schools who would like free solar, both to save money on their electricity costs and to provide free environmental education. Shannon from Solar for Schools has been working with Sussex Green Living to recruit a cohort of schools, both large and small, who could bring with them grant funding. We are looking for parents, teachers and members of the public who feel passionate about this project too and would like to learn more – if this is you, we’d love to see you at this session!

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