Message from Sarah Sharp – please write to your councillors about getting to grips with the climate crisis

“There is a Plan we are promoting to try and get to grips with Climate Change.

Can you help spread the word and write to your Councillors about the 10 things we need to do? These are the BIG things that we can’t manage on our own as individuals but we need whole communities, societies and councils to get on board with. We can of course help on some of these

things but these 10 things will involve more changes than what we can do on an individual level.

1 A complete shift to very low or zero carbon electricity generation, mostly renewable and much of it decentralised;
2 Smarter and more flexible management of electricity demand, including storage, to enable higher penetration of variable renewable generation and to optimise electricity system operation;
3 Huge reductions in energy demand by improving significantly the energy performance of our buildings (across all sectors and all tenures) and the equipment and processes within them;
4 Decarbonisation of heat (i.e. stop relying on fossil fuel gas and oil) for buildings, hot water and industrial processes;
5 Dramatic steps to cut the carbon emissions of road transport by switching to walking, cycling, efficient mass transport (not powered by fossil fuels) and a rise in the use of electric vehicles;
6 Ensuring new build developments achieve their full low carbon potential and contribute effectively to a smarter energy system; this to include setting energy efficiency standards for new homes that exceed current building regulations
7 Dramatic reduction in emissions from agricultural food production and land use
8 A huge reduction in the generation of waste and a dramatic increase in low carbon means of dealing with waste;
9 A dramatic increase in the capture of carbon particularly, but not necessarily exclusively, through tree planting and land management
10 Re-wilding and nature to be at the heart of our future planning.”

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