EcoChi Monday Zoom Meetings and Sarah’s Transport Survey, Etc

Hi  EcoChi,

With mega thanks to Eros Alexander, EcoChi Meetups are happening on Monday Mornings providing vital catchup … Promoting sustainable green living, based in Chichester.


Monday morning Zoom Meeting 10 AM :

Topic: Virtual Crispin's Eco Chi

Time: May 4, 2020 10:00 AM London

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Meeting ID: 742 0569 9263

EcoChi Website celebrated our first year on 30th April!   now with 170.000 hits (isn't that fantastic!)

Mega thanks to Mark Record for creating our website, and to Rachel Ritchie and Kate McNicol for maintaining our dynamic reference and local News source. to share your News and Support

Walking and cycling in Chichester District in Covid 19

Sarah Sharp has put together a very simple survey with the help of some friends about walking and cycling .

Hoping that this gets you thinking about whether you would like to see some new speed restrictions some pop-up bike lanes, some wider pavements, some space reallocated to people away from parking as we ease the country out of lockdown.

Please do write to your County Councillor or Parish Councillor with your ideas of where you would like to see improvements to make it easier and safer to walk and cycle and to keep 2m distances.

Safety from motor vehicles and safety from the coronavirus need to work together – It can't be either or. We need people friendly spaces to be coronavirus unfriendly spaces.

If you have any feedback on the survey, please do contact Sarah (or reply to this email and I'll pass it on).

We may be in lockdown but there is so much work and campaigning underway … the Whitehouse Farm Saga keeps moving ahead with further Plans being discussed at the CDC Planning Committee on 6th May … We need a proper design for prioritised active transport for all ages and abilities; and provides for physical distancing.

"Weed" killers are apparently being used on our pavements and verges, together with a lot more mowing than necessary, of areas where wildflowers could really help our struggling insect population and bring us joy.

Save Rumboldswhyke School – Freedom of Information Requests continue to flag up an abysmal lack of accountability and democracy at WSCC.

And, of course, amidst all this and much more vital campaign work, volunteers are busy delivering to, and trying hard to keep the more vulnerable in our society safe and loved; and making PPE for our frontline services.



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