Eco Chichester meeting 18.2.19

A few of us did make the Monday meeting and here is a quick summary of the discussion.

Return the Plastic (Lucy) the next event is on Saturday 6.4.19 and will probably be at Morrisons in Bognor Regis. More information to follow.

L’Occitane ,cosmetic store in North Street, Chichester is working with TerraCycle to recycle empty beauty and skin care products. Take in all empties to the store and they will send it off.

Tops off plastic milk cartons can be dropped off at St Paul’s Church, Chichester.

Any plastic waste collected on a beach walk will be recycled by TerraCycle.

Sainsburys will recycle waxed plastic bags from inside cereal boxes.

Marks and Spencer recycle clear plastic wrapping.

Jenny is collecting all old plastic biros, felt tip pens etc for her collection at Lavant Primary School. Please bring any along to the Monday meetings.

Claire from Chichester Conservation Volunteers   has successfully trained up 2 new volunteers and has been planting hedgerows.

Brunch Cafe 6.4.19 St Nicholas Church, Lavant. This is a chance to buy Fair-trade products and Eco Goods

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