Don’t forget Nicola Peel at the Horsham Climate cafe this afternoon!

Message from Carrie Cort of Sussex Green Living:

Last weekend the 6th virtual Horsham Climate Café session was a great success with 110 people booked and over 80 attended to listen to Tony Whitbread talk, with an incredible geographical reach from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Uganda and South Africa (including 37 South East Climate Alliance members). It was lovely to have so many like-minded people come together, especially in a time such as now. Tony gave us his thoughts about the impact of Corvid-19 on the environment, focusing on attitudes and a future vision, and also answered many questions from attendees that prompted great discussion.

On this page you can listen to a podcast of Tony’s talk and he has kindly taken all of your questions from the chat and answered them Also a thought provoking blog from Tony here Please do share these pages with your friends, family, colleagues and community, wise and comforting words for all. 

This is the film we tried (technology did not allow) to show at the end of the Horsham Climate Cafe, please watch, share and take heed  The Great Realisation

This Saturday, we are very excited to be bringing you two speakers talking to us around the subject of the value of the natural world. Nicola Peel will bring us a message all the way from the cloud forest in Ecuador concerning the current and potential uses and value of the flora and fauna to be found there, with reference to mining and medicine. Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria will also speak to us on the topic on the deep connection indigenous people have to nature, their stewardship of the land and water, and how they are adapting to climate change. These should be some very pertinent and fascinating discussions, so be sure not to miss out if this is something that interests you. You can follow our sign-up link here to be emailed our free Zoom meeting link before our session. (


As always, we would love to see you there.


All the best,

Carrie, Helen, Chloe, Catherine and the Climate Café Team

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