Climate Change Protest 5th April

9:45 am: March to Declare Your Support for calling A Climate Emergency!!!

Last time the council adjourned making a decision on the 15th Feb so we are holding another demonstration now they will be debating the issue.

Additional actions will include drawing chalk earths on the pavement and engaging with people. (Note that we aim to do this on the pedestrian streets – not confrontationally on the roads)

Climate Emergency Graphic
Support the Motion calling a Climate Emergency by witnessing the meeting from the public gallery.

Fore more details follow the this link to the Worthing Climate Action event on facebook

Chichester County Hall
The County Council Meeting will be held at 10.30 Friday 5 April 2019 at County Hall, Chichester.

You may download a PDF format poster to advertise the event using the following link.

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1 thought on “Climate Change Protest 5th April”

  1. I’m not a free-loader so I must first state that when I saw your group demonstrating last April in Chichester, although a bell rang in my head it wasn’t loud enough! My daughter tumbled it immediately! Involving (using) your children in the demo was heinous. In the media today there is a report of children becoming stressed and worried about eco matters and Earth’s existence – they are verging on panic. YOU have exacerbated the problem. I am proactive I. This area and have been all my life, but there are ways of doing things and there are ways that cause unnecessary harm. So I suggest you be more thoughtful.

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