Chichester Tree Wardens’ report to Chichester City Council’s Community Affairs Committee

Chichester Tree Wardens’ report to Chichester City Council’s Community Affairs Committee, which will take place on Monday (3rd February 2020) is here (agenda item 8). It focuses on our more notable activities, with more happening day to day (once you start to tune into trees, it’s impossible not to notice more detail!).
If you’d like to help us in any way, please do get in touch. Chichester Tree Wardens are volunteers, appointed by the City Council under the national Tree Wardens scheme that was set up 30 years ago by the Tree Council (now a charity). We are part of a network of West Sussex Tree Wardens co-ordinated by Julie Bolton, West Sussex County Council’s County Arboriculturist.

This is from our report to CCC’s committee on 3rd September 2018, when we recommenced regular reports to CCC to keep Chichester’s trees in the spotlight:

“As volunteers, TWs do not have any special powers and take on only what they can handle. We currently:

· Familiarise ourselves with the trees in the areas we cover and where we get out and about, finding out who owns/manages them, keeping an eye on their health and anticipating/reporting any problems;
· Learn about risks to trees including particular conditions and diseases (e.g. ash die-back) and anticipate/understand conflicts (e.g. leaves/needles in gutters, damage to garden walls);
· Look for opportunities to improve the local environment by planting appropriate trees in appropriate locations and encouraging replacement planting where trees have been lost;
· Try to be aware of development proposals and consider their impact on trees, and the impact trees have on both people and place (including wildlife); respond constructively to planning applications;
· Communicate with local people interested in trees and respond to queries about trees, trying to find ways that trees and people can support each other and sign-posting relevant information/contacts (we are not qualified to give advice);
· Attend and/or run events to learn about trees (including tree trails as part of the Festival of Chichester).”


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