Car Free Day Chichester under threat

Chichester City Council has revoked the licence which was enabling the closure of South Street from 12-3pm on Sunday 22nd September. Talks are currently underway to see if the problem can be resolved. Cancellation of the event would lead to huge disappointment to all those Chichester residents who have campaigned to have South Street free on traffic and available for free movement and various activities on Sunday 22nd September.

Car free day is an international event with closed roads in many cities, including London. Several London boroughs are closing roads giving people a chance to walk around London unimpeded by cars.

A meeting has been organised for Monday 4th November at 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting Place, Priory Road, Chichester. There will be a film shown about International Car Free Day and a chance to join a discussion about making a car free day in Chichester a reality. For further details see the website

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