XR Chichester Strategy Meeting

XR Chichester Strategy Meeting

January 8, 2021

📣 Have your say on the plan for 2021 📣

XR is run by you. If you'd like a say on what we focus on in 2021, please come along to our People's Assembly Zoom. 💻

2020 was a horrific year, but there is huge hope for 2021! 💚 How do we need to improve? Do you have ideas you want to bring to us?

What do you think we should focus on in Chi this year?

What should we set as goals?

Should we set goals?

Who do we want to mobilise? How many?

What actions should we plan in Chi?

Does our social media work for you?

Is our group accessible?

Are we striking the right notes? Is our messaging right?

What would make our group easier to join?

What would make our group more relatable?

Do you hear from us enough?

Should we do collaborations with other community groups?

Should we do more talks on the climate crisis?

Ask these questions and more on Friday - Register for the Zoom link:


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