Plastic Free Picnic

Plastic Free Picnic

July 10, 2021

Plastic Free Picnic in Oakland’s Park to the rear of the CFT, during the WI Plastic Free month of July this year.
Under the banner of The Festival of Chichester
Today hosted by Apulstock Musical Afternoon

Highlighting Educating Promoting Sign-posting Behaviour Change towards Plastic.

* Compostable Plastic Packaging

*Deposit Return Scheme

*End Plastic Soup

*Fixing Fashion

*Micro-plastic Fibre Pollution

*Plastic Litter Picks

*Plastic Recycling


*Waste Prevention

* Children Welcome

* Music

* Free Crisps


The first performance of Apulstock’s Plastic Free song is being sung by Mike Fry at 3pm on Saturday 10th July! 🎪🎼🎸🎶🎊

Chi-cycle will be powering the Video ‘Life’s like Elastic (Think about all the Plastic) featuring members of Eco-chi Liz MacCullum, Walking Artist Rosie Montford and Maureen O’Grady! – and the Award Winning Music Festival Apulstock 🎉🎺🎼🎶🌈

*Free tickets are available on line and will be available on the Day*

* CDC Sponsored. Featuring: LAVANT WI, WEST SUSSEX FEDERATION OF WI, ECO - CHI , APULSTOCK. Two Farmers Crisps, Surfers Against Sewage

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