Horsham Share, Care and Repair Fair

Horsham Share, Care and Repair Fair

July 6, 2019

Carfax, Horsham Market

Come and learn ways to save money and help the planet through reducing plastic usage, switching to 100% clean renewable energy and buying eco clothes.Bring containers and you’ll be able to buy loose, dry and organic food without having to buy plastic packaging! Learn about how monthly at the normal Horsham Repair Cafe you can refill your shampoo, shower gel and other household cleaning products.
Horsham Repair Café will be on hand to mend mobile phones, computers, electrical household goods and clothes. Please book a repair or energy slot by going to www.HorshamRepairCafe.org.uk.

Enjoy Magog Morris Dancing, learn about why we disagree with making eco-bricks, learn how to knit, learn about sustainable living and much more...
There will be an exhibition showing the pictures of the art installations which have been Ocean Bombing #OceanBombed Horsham and beyond in the months leading up to this event! Visit www.SussexGreenLiving.co.uk/OceanBomb/ for more information.
This magical, creative and fun community event is bought to you by Sussex Green Living, the Horsham Repair Cafe and the army of volunteers behind these social community, environmental awareness initiatives.

Supported by Horsham District Year of Culture and Horsham Festival. Learn more here www.SussexGreenLiving.co.uk/event

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