Urgent reminder – WSCC Coronavirus survey closes 31st May

Help WSCC learn from our experiences and the consequences of covid-19, and to imagine a future that is kinder to both planet and people
PLEASE TAKE PART in this online survey
and share it with Friends (closes 31st May 2020)
WSCC is running a survey which gives interested residents the opportunity to explain how the pandemic has affected us and to influence WSCC priorities as we move out of lockdown. Amongst other things, it invites you to answer:
    • “What are your top two concerns (if any) about the current Coronavirus pandemic?” and
  • “What are the top two positives (if any) to come out of the current situation?”
Towards the end, under the title “Getting back to “normal” ” there is also:
  • “What (if anything) in your view is the single most important thing the County Council could do to help life in our county to get back to normal?”
Do you want to get back to “normal”? What should the new “normal” look/sound/feel/smell/taste like? If you think that climate change and the natural environment should be at the heart of WSCC’s considerations, you will need to tell them. Whoever responds will give the message that WSCC will hear – will that be a message of concern and hope for a kinder, more sustainable future, or the desire to go “back” to the normal of our recent past?We are used to discussing our eco worries and hopes here, and in our weekly Eco Chi meet-ups, now on Zoom. For example, common themes for the positive things about lockdown include feeling safer to cycle on the roads; better air quality/less noise; carbon reduction (including much reduced vehicle/air travel); greater connection with neighbours/community pulling together; being more frugal – reuse/repair/sharing etc; wider appreciation of nature. WSCC’s survey is a really good opportunity to get these, and whatever other thoughts you may have, publicly considered by county leaders. Much like our market stall last year, it is the opportunity to talk to “everyone”, and not just amongst ourselves.

Please let WSCC know your thoughts and feelings by responding to their survey no later than 31st May – we have had such different experiences during coronavirus controls, it’s important that as many people as possible respond. And that environmental issues are included in WSCC’s bigger picture.
(Survey opened 15th May 2020; results expected 30th June; feedback expected 6th July.)
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