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Meeting with Chichester District Council Environment Protection Manager 15.7.19

Simon Ballard, CDC Environment Manager, came to discuss air pollution in the Chichester area and the ways CDC are trying to tackle the problem. Chichester District has a higher than average problem with particulate matter which is implicated in 5% of all deaths in the area. The source of the particulate matter is vehicles, agriculture and wood burners. There is a contravention of EU standards on air quality and three Air Quality Management Areas have been declared to tackle this.

Air quality is monitored in various sites across the district and a yearly report submitted to DEFRA. Although CDC is responsible for local air quality it is West Sussex County Council and the Highways Agency who are responsible for roads and traffic. WSCC is responsible for public transport. Having so many authorities involved means that making changes is challenging. The setting up of the Environmental Panel at CDC will help with decision making. This panel was set up to meet on a monthly basis and ensure that the Climate Emergency Declaration is enacted.

Some of the steps CDC have made towards reducing air pollution are

1)changing all council vehicles over to electric ones over a period of time

2)increasing electric car charging points

3)Co-Wheels car club. 6 hybrid cars are available in Chichester for hire rather than bring your car into town

4)Feasibility study has been commissioned, for £17,000, looking at walking and cycling infrastructure in Chichester.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding air pollution in the Chichester area Simon Ballard, CDC Environment Manager, would like to hear from you. Contact details below

Simon Ballard
Environmental Protection Manager
Environmental Protection
Chichester District Council
Ext: 34694 | Tel: 01243534694 | sballard@chichester.gov.uk | Fax: 01243 776766
http://www.chichester.gov.uk | www.facebook.com/ChichesterDistrictCouncil | www.twitter.com/ChichesterDC