Rupert Read talk and workshop in Chichester

Only just over four weeks until Rupert Read comes to Chichester to give two talks.

The first is on 19th March: gather from 6pm for a 6.30pm start, at Chichester College.

What if we looked down?: Daring to face climate reality

Rupert Read talks about our response to the climate and ecological emergencies.

Our world needs a positive and radical change. We need governments that put our health, wellbeing and shared ecological security before the interests of big business and the pursuit endless economic ‘growth’.

We need action, and soon, against the values of greed and materialism that have placed us upon the precipice of catastrophic climate and ecological collapse. Instead, we need to value the good things about humanity; our ability to share, to care, to have fun, to communicate and to think intelligently and creatively about our own futures.

The second is the following morning at 9.30am in The Auditorium at the New Park Centre

XR Strategy for 2020 and YOU: Feeling and manifesting our vulnerability

XR 2020 Strategy is here. What does it mean for us?

The world has changed significantly since Extinction Rebellion launched just over a year ago. Inspired by activists around the world, arm in arm with other movements, thousands of us have been part of that change; people from all walks of life, united by courage and purpose.

In 2019 we raised the alarm, in 2020 we are coming together to create real possibilities, actively challenging the divisions that support this toxic system which celebrates a culture of individuality, then passes the buck to the next generation. Like national policies, international climate agreements have failed for 30 years and we expect COP 26 to be no different. This is why we will aim beyond it. Our future will not look like our past. It will take real courage to do what’s needed in 2020 – it’s time to come together and show each other the leadership we need.


Donations will be welcome on the day to help cover costs and Rupert is bringing some copies of his latest book to sell.……

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