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Cycling Without Age Comes to Chichester

Richard Turnbull got in touch with ChiCycle in late July because he is setting up a Cycling Without Age project in Chichester! He kindly asked if we would be interested in supporting his project. We are very enthusiastic about his initiative. He has successfully gained sponsorship from WSCC Community Initiative Fund scheme. This will help afford a purpose built trishaw like the one shown below.

Cycling Without Age

More details of the BrightRide project are available on the ChiCycle website here.

If you want to promote inclusive cycling in the area we recommend you can make a donation towards costs or even sign yourself up as a trishaw pilot.

You can get in touch with BrightRide either by email: or by phone: +44 (0)7821 810552

Concerns over a Scheme to Remove Existing Cycle Provision and to Relocate Cyclists onto Narrow Busy Pavements

Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council and Highways England have agreed on extensive plans to relocate cyclists onto unsuitable pavements.

The Highways England Scheme covers the entire Chichester to Emsworth Cycle Route but it will also severely impact access to Centurion Way, Salterns Way and walking and cycling access between Chichester City and the Tesco Supermarket.

We are awaiting a reply from Highways England after we have asked why the scheme ignores all current UK cycling standards.

Central government is driving a significant expansion in housing development and local projects could be hindered if existing cycleways remain in place

This scheme will remove our existing cycle lanes and our use of some quiet streets for cycling to enable developers of build new housing developments at lower cost. It will allow our local authorities to grant permission for new build schemes with minimum consideration for transport infrastructure and sustainable transport.

For example, this scheme will allow the 1600 new home West of Chichester housing development to connect its main access road to Westgate without offering additional provision for walking and cycling.

If you are concerned, please take a close look at the plans and write to your local newspapers, councillors, Highways England and MP (Gillian Keegan) demanding a better solution.

Chichester’s pop-up cycle lanes are coming soon

On the 3rd June West Sussex County Council proposed 21km of temporary cycleways in West Sussex.

If you wish to support this scheme going ahead and would like to see it expanded to cover more streets please write to and quote this reference: TTRO/1367/RC.

There may also be additional 20mph limits on some major arterial roads eg Orchard Street, Broyle Road and Northgate roundabout.

The Avenue de Chartres (shown below) will carry a pop up bike-lane!

Pop up bike lane to be located here

Once pop-up lanes are in place, ChiCycle plan to film people using these facilities. We want to use the footage to promote future projects and show the project is genuinely worthwhile. Our intention is to document a diverse cross section of the cycling community happily enjoying this wonderful opportunity to ride in a popular, safe and convenient environment.

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