Care Free Chichester meeting 15th November

Our next meeting will be at 7:00 pm on the 15th of November. It will be held at the meeting rooms behind Chichester College Pavilion bar on the South side of the campus (quite near the white aeroplane fuselage).

After our Transition Chichester Eco Cinema evening last week, we are in an excellent position to stage a successful Car Free Event next year in 2020. Key to our success is quickly creating a proposal to put forward to the local authorities. We need to decide on the basic structure, timing and date of the event so we can negotiate the licenses and street orders that need to be put in place. There’s a draft agenda available on this link.

We also need to define tasks and roles within our group. The link to the sheet here contains tasks and roles we can adopt.

Hope you are able to join us on the 15th November.

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