XR Brighton NV Communication and de-escalation training

XR Brighton NV Communication and de-escalation training

July 23, 2019

Follow this link for details and eventbrite ticketing. Venue close to Brighton Railway Station.

Nonviolent communication (NVC) is another expression of Nonviolence. NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg who drew on the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers and the nonviolence of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, to develop the tools to approach actions and organising in a way that includes your own needs, while considering others' and the needs of the wider environment, so that unintentional harm is more likely to be avoided.

Through this program we will explore some Core elements of NVC are:

  1. Recognising that all humans share the same fundamental needs, no matter how different their strategies for meeting them might be.
  2. From this basis, seeing the possibility of connection with all.
  3. Moving beyond blame, judgment, ‘should’, ‘have to’.
  4. Communicating from a place of choice.
  5. Foregrounding the act of listening, as a precursor for speaking, including to de-escalate tense situations.
  6. Expressing yourself by trying to communicate clear observations which aren’t disputable instead of emotion-laden and unconscious interpretations.

”Nonviolence is the courage to speak truth with love…and love is the full radical acceptance of the humanity of every person.” - Miki Kashtan

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