Tasting my Future - a film for Peace Day

Tasting my Future - a film for Peace Day

September 21, 2019

at the Quaker Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester.

From the Cinema at New Park:

Audience Award Winner for the Best Documentary in the 24th Chichester International film Festival. Sylvie Collier’s very timely documentary features women who fled conflict in their home countries and wound up in Brighton seeking safety.

Behind them are wars, persecution and conflict. Ahead is a struggle to rebuild their lives in the UK. Women far from home find a common language - the language of food. From Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kurdistan, Turkey and Egypt women experienced violence that forced them to flee their countries for survival. Some live on their nerves, awaiting decisions on asylum.

Shot around the City of Brighton & Hove, the film brings together women from different backgrounds, beliefs and national languages. What they all can share is a tradition of cooking. “When you are removed from your country you can communicate with people through food, no matter what culture you come from,” says Reem from Iraq. Women gather in kitchens to prepare and cook an international feast. They cross cultural boundaries to share traditional dishes at a noisy and exuberant party, a feast like no other.


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